Tuesday, 20 January 2009

medium format

i started using an RB9 medium format yesterday, just for fun, and i'm loving it. I''m yet to process the film, and i'll upload the results so0on >.<

Friday, 16 January 2009

Trying to sleep

Having a bad week =[

Wednesday, 14 January 2009


and my journal isn't even finished yet. But I can't hack it anymore... I'm just gonna sleeeeeeep

Long Distance Relationships



MANIC!!! Like I said before I was pissy cos I had work... so I hurry home on the bus, get back for 3:15... locked out. Freeeeezing cold, my bus for work is at 4:30. Bursting for a pee (always happens when you're locked out! Why?!), no-one answering their phones!!! What's the point in having one! 2 Hours I was left out there!!!! The only bit of good luck I had was a voicemail from my manager saying I didn't need to be in... I honestly still cannot feel my feet. Worst experience in a long while. But luckily my brother (Joe) was the only one to keep me company and help get hold of people. God bless him. 

Bag Of Beads

This came out really dark so I had to touch it up a bit on photoshop. I love this one. Because when I look at it I think of... everything me. I got these beads on my 18th birthday. I went to afflecks palace in Manchester with my best mate, on the 3rd of March in the snow. It was awesome <3>

Big Shoe

This was my location shot my 5x4 project. I shot this in my room, yes I took a 5x4 home with me... hectic. Was really stressful. I shot a couple things and I think this one turned out the nest. And it was my favourite location shot. My boyfriend 'the boy' bought me this necklace for christmas (amongst other things). Pretty things.
So my deadline is tomorrow and I'm well pissy cos I have to go to work tonight, time where I could be working on my journal, I'm spending in fecking matalan. However, it is my last shift tonight, then no more. I'm in the digital dark room listening to the boy least likely =] I've just uploaded this image, remember ezra? well it's not 'that' abstract but I really like it. So here it is.
Shot on 5x4 in still life studio.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

This is the result of boredom.

Sprinkling Glitter on dog sh.... on Blackpool

A project I did on Blackpool... *sigh* 35mm transparency film
Burst of colours....

Colour Me Happy

Oh I don't know... black and white and colour in between


I bought this fairy from a totally awesome shop in Carlisle. The shop is diddy and adorable, like it was made for the borrowers. It was christmas time and this shop is right in the middle of the town centre. I just wanted to have something from this amazing 19th century shop, so I bought her. My little fairy. Ezra (the beads...different story). This was just a shot for my journal at uni. I used the glass ball mainly, and her legs for an abstract shot on a large format camera. I took this with my digi cam though. I just like it...